Our Team Members

Founding Members

Founder Chairman

ARDEA Foundation is the brainchild of Zunaid Memon, a visionary filmmaker and an advertising professional firmly devoted to the idea of establishing a global organization that can work at the ground level.

Global President

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with Zunaid Memon is Dr. Sudarshana Ramaraju, co-founder and Global President of Climate Action for the ARDEA Foundation.



Introducing Dr. Ganesh Chander Shrotriya, an accomplished agronomist and esteemed mentor at ARDEA Foundation.

Communications Specialist

Introducing Phil Malone, an esteemed geographer, ex-BBC radio broadcaster, & distinguished Communications Specialist with over 35 years of experience.

Advisory Board

Festival Founder & Director

A highly accomplished figure in the Indian film industry, Manoj Srivastava is the producer, director, writer, the Ex CEO of the International Film Festival of India, IFFI Goa.

Friends of Environment

Indian Actor

Riteish Vilasrao Deshmukh is one of the most popular versatile actors in Indian cinema, well-known for his outstanding contributions to the industry.


Dancer & Actor

Achintya Bose – Bridging Cultures Through Dance and Environmental Advocacy

Achintya Bose, a multifaceted dancer-actor hailing from Mumbai, India, has been making waves in the world of performing arts.

Climate Action Soldier

Climate Action Soldier

She is an enthusiastic and ambitious Natural Science professional with a doctorate in Agroecology and Environmental (France).

Her explorations into the impact of agricultural practices on soil biodiversity are an ongoing journey.

Climate Action Soldier

Agyei Kwaku Daniel from Kumasi, Ghana, is a researcher and teaching assistant who firmly believes in taking responsibility for looking after the planet.

He aims to raise awareness and educate people about the significance of adopting good environmental practices as a climate scientist.

Climate Action Warrior

Indian Actor

Introducing Amit Sadh, a celebrated actor in the Indian film industry known for playing diverse roles in his career spanning over two decades.

Researcher & Expert, Data Mining in Meteorology

Introducing Mr. Riaz Ali, a dedicated researcher who pursued his Doctoral degree on the prestigious TWAS Fellowship at the High-Performance Computing Research Center.

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