11 Days For Earth’s Healing – Day 8: Eartherian Rights

Day 8: Eartherian Rights

"If Eartherian Rights are not honored and protected, it shall soon be a lonely walk on the planet for the Homo sapiens" - Dr. Sudarshana Ramaraju

All life forms, whether extinct or extant, are ‘Eartherians.’ The word ‘Eartherian’ distinguishes itself from the word ‘living being.’ The word ‘Eartherian’ is the fundamental identity of a living organism. And its evolution implicitly means its relationship with the natural evolution of the Earth.

Eartherian Rights
Eartherian Rights are fundamental natural privileges and entitlements acquired by birth by a living organism on the planet to survive, exist, prosper, and conduct its biological and evolutionary functions freely.

Eartherian Rights violation
Eartherian rights violation is an interruption to, the extermination of, reduction of, or devaluing of the life efficiency of the Eartherians by any act of unnatural pressure, stress, impact, or human activities, directly or indirectly.

Eartherian Rights Council
Eartherian Council is an international body of institutions sharing the vision of Eartherian Rights, responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of Eartherian Rights around the world and for addressing situations of Eartherian Rights violations through advocacy and appropriate action.


RECOGNIZING that every organism must be treated with the same dignity of life, regardless of intelligence, form, and power.

ACKNOWLEDGING that since humans hold a privileged position on Earth, it calls for more responsibility to protect all living organisms and their rights as humans defend their own.

BUILDING upon the existing binding and non-binding instruments of conservation and sustainable development and adopting new articles to protect Eartherian Rights.



Proposal To Adopt The Following Articles

Article 1
All Eartherians equally inherit the nature of the planet and are not born to a hierarchy of importance and significance.

Article 2
The Eartherians have a fundamental right to clean air, water, food, habitat, and the security of their ecological niche in organic evolution.

Article 3
Eartherians are not to be subjected to wilful damage, destruction, or annihilation in any physical, chemical, biological, technological, or other means, especially to the extent of their genetic modification or genetic material extinction.

Article 4
Any Eartherian species invasion by means of disease or attack on another species, such as through a pandemic or transboundary migration of temporary or permanent nature, shall be judiciously addressed to ensure a reduction of impact but not a total annihilation of the organism.

Article 5
The evolutionary function of hunting or gathering another species for food is the organism’s right. Regarding human relations with other species, the hunting and gathering functions are limited to the extent of food security. In due course, these functions are to be restricted to agriculture, aquaculture, and animal husbandry.

Article 6
Eartherians have a right to bio-geographical migrations, species radiation, and settlement in any earth environment by natural consequence.

Article 7
If humans induce changes on the planet, such as climate transformation, generate ecological circumstances that are not congenial for species prosperity and are divergent from the patterns of natural history, it shall be incumbent upon humans to ensure a reduction or reversal of such changes within the lifespan of the species concerned OR before a time of irreversible consequence on species assemblage in an ecological system occurs.

Article 8
No activity related to human development, comfort, or survival shall utilize chemicals, biocides, or methods of mass destruction of organisms, species, or species assemblages. Such activities of development shall solely remain organic in nature.

Article 9
It shall be the duty of humanity to collectively honor the Eartherian Rights and ensure there are no violations. A collective mechanism of periodically reporting and reviewing the status of Eartherian Rights shall be developed in the form of a Council called the Eartherian Rights Council, with broader global membership and support. The Council shall also deliberate specific Protocols and Guidelines to safeguard the Eartherian Rights effectively.

Article 10
An Eartherian Rights Tribunal shall be formed at an international level to deal with the Eartherian Rights Violations diligently, being the ultimate global authority to resolve conflicts and restore order.


Eartherian Rights Summit: A Mission of the Millennium & Responsibility of Humanity

For those who share the ideals and strive towards establishing a global platform for Eartherian Rights Violations redressal by installing the Eartherian Rights Council, it is also an opportunity of a lifetime to help change human behavior on the planet.

At ARDEA Foundation, we believe that the present time is the most critical challenge of survival that humanity has ever encountered in all its time and silently so for a multitude of other species which have an equal right to exist like us but are violated mindlessly by us.

Let’s spread the word about recognizing and protecting the rights of all Eartherians that make up our planet’s rich ecosystem.

It’s time to step toward a more sustainable and equitable future.

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