11 Days For Earth’s Healing – Day 3: Buzz & Chirp

Day 3: Buzz & Chirp

"If you want to gather honey, don't kick over the beehive" - Dale Carnegie

The quote attributed to the American businessman and author Dale Carnegie is an important reminder to avoid actions that may impact us negatively.

Like one must avoid kicking over the beehive to gather honey one day, humans must self-introspect and abstain from activities that may lead to various species facing irreversible extinction.

That’s why we at ARDEA Foundation decided to address this concern through our program, “11 Days For Earth’s Healing“. And like the other two days, Day 3 is equally exciting and a crucial pillar in our global ecological movement.

The 3rd Day of our program is ‘Buzz & Chirp,’ i.e., “Buzz” refers to Honey Bee, and “Chirp” stands for all kinds of birds, especially sparrows.

Both bees and birds are “Ecosystem Engineers” who help maintain the critical balance of nature.

As stated above, “Buzz” refers to the Honey Bee, and this day is intended to draw your attention towards the bee population, which is continuously declining due to excessive use of pesticides, the decline in natural habitat, and constantly shifting weather patterns.

According to the FAO, there were around 101.6 million bee colonies worldwide in 2021.

On the other hand, just like bees, birds, especially sparrows, act as pollinators too. More importantly, they help control the insect population by feeding on a variety of them, mainly those that damage crops.

However, due to urbanization, climate change, light pollution, increasing use of pesticides in soil, and illegal hunting and poaching, there is a sharp decline in the population of birds.

As the dominant species, we humans have the power to bring some meaningful changes to mother earth and come together to prevent bees and sparrows from going extinct, which is necessary to sustain the crucial balance of our ecosystem.

Pledge your support to our crucial ecosystem engineers.

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