11 Days For Earth’s Healing – Day 10: No Gadget Day

Day 10: No Gadget Day

"The less devices you have to charge, the less cluttered your mind is." ― Abhijit Naskar.

Day 10 of our global ecological movement is dedicated to “No Gadget Day” — a day to give a peaceful break to yourself, to the bees, birds, and nature at large.

As the 21st-century world continues to advance, gadgets add value while also leaving behind a disastrous environmental impact.

We at ARDEA Foundation aim to spread awareness about the significant environmental threats of gadgets.

The Ecological Footprint: Gadgets Doing More Harm Than Good

“No Gadget Day” isn’t just about taking some time off from gadgets once in a while but making necessary lifestyle changes and correcting certain habits that harm the environment, one of them being a gizmo addict.

Our Proposal For No Gadget Days

  • ➤ Practice “No Gadget Day” at least once weekly or monthly.
  • ➤ Participate on May 10 – No Gadget Day every year.
  • ➤ Reduce gadget or usage of electronic devices to minimize radiation and light pollution that harms the environment.
  • ➤ Start using landlines at home or the office.
  • ➤ Use mobile phones only if necessary or when out of home or office.
  • ➤ Ban smartphones for kids below 13 years.

Time to disconnect from technology, connect with nature and reduce our carbon footprint.

Take a break from gadgets and join our efforts to rebuild our relationship with mother nature.

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