ARDEA Foundation

ARDEA (Agriculture Rural Development & Environment Awareness) Foundation

ARDEA Foundation is India’s first-of-its-kind NGO who is working 360° for the betterment of rural India. We aim at making the social development sector in India self-sufficient. We do not believe in helping people financially. Instead, we believe in empowering people by training them to earn a better living. As an NGO working for climate change in India, ARDEAF has taken several initiatives for water harvesting and management, agriculture optimisation, conservation of soil and fighting deforestation. Some of the Initiatives carried out by ARDEAF are as follows:

ARDEA Foundation

Wildlife Conservation:

Wildlife is the most ignored and most vulnerable among all living resources in the world. Everyday 12 species are getting extinct worldwide and we are being left with increasingly fewer wildlives for the future generation to witness. an ever-expanding human population, rapid urbanization and industrialisation, pollution and climate change leads to habitat loss, food shortage and several other consequences forcing the wildlife towards nonexistence. Species or habitat conservation is the immediate necessity to maintain environmental balance.  The key mission under this conservation is Mission BUZZ and CHIRP, unless we grow Bees. Bees are a fantastic symbol of nature. That they are in trouble is a sign that our natural environment is not in the good shape it should be.

By keeping the cycle of life turning, bees boost the colour and beauty of our countryside. Some 80% of European wildflowers require insect pollination.

Pollinators allow plants to fruit, set seed and breed. This in turn provides food and habitat for a range of other creatures. So, the health of our natural ecosystems is fundamentally linked to the health of our bees and other pollinators.

Maintaining our native flora also depends on healthy pollinator populations. This includes wildflowers such as poppies, cornflowers, and bluebells, as well as trees and shrubs.

Holistic Farming: (An Agriculture Knowledge Bank)

ARDEAF team is teamed up for 8 years with knowledgeable farmers,Scientists, AgriStart-upsAgriculture institutes, technology companies, agri input and output companies also media companies like Green TV, Grameen News, The Indianness to educate the farmers in restarting the age-old practice of natural farming. The purpose of the project is to collectivise farmers, especially small producers, at various levels, to foster technology penetration, improve productivity, enable improved access to inputs and services and increase farmer incomes, thereby strengthening their sustainable agriculture-based livelihoods. Our project is not limited traditional farming only, we take care of Dairy Farming, Cattle Farming, Bee Farming, Poultry Farming, Organic Farming, and all the allied agriculture activities including food processing.

Toxic Free Future:

Started working from India for climate change, now ARDEAF all set to launch its global ecological movement to reduce the impact of Climate Change with global futuristic plan keeping minimum 50 years of constant execution to be able to restore Toxic free life for coming generations. 
11 Days for Earth’s Healing –a project “REBOOT LIFE” is to be executed every year all over the world from 1st May to 11th May. 

Our on-going local initiatives are Spreads awareness keeping in mind the scarcity of water due to unpredictable rainfall and extreme heat during summers, they educate the people about saving water, about the various methods of testing the purity of water and the importance of sanitation. 

We also work towards effective management of waste and help people fight ill effects of climate change. We promote skill development among rural and disadvantaged people, support destitute senior citizens and encourage incorporating modern technology into agricultural activities. 

With this small but impactful initiative, we aim to change the world, reorient our relationship with it, and transform how we live in it.

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