About Us

ARDEA Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation Dedicated to Changing the Harmful Habits that Affect the Environment and works closely in raising awareness on environmental issues, also working on upfront to create a toxic-free future, and promotes wildlife protection.

Our Aim is to aware people of the products designed for busy lifestyles to help families go green & adopt sustainability while rediscovering the joy of nurturing life, on the other hand, we are also focused on promoting sustainable agriculture for biodiversity conservation worldwide since it was founded. We believe that the key to fixing our food system lies in giving farmers a prominent seat at the table, which is currently threatened by industrial agriculture. Our mission revolves around making India and neighbouring countries educate and aware about the need to conserve wildlife, our environment, and the basic importance of agriculture.

ARDEAF is building a place for food sovereignty to connect farmers around the corners of the world, also ARDEA Foundation is creating a global eco-friendly network for ground-level-thinkers to solve critical 21st-century climate change challenges.

ARDEA Foundation

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