ARDEA Foundation

ARDEA (Agriculture Rural Development & Environment Awareness) Foundation

ARDEA Foundation: Initiated by Zunaid Memon in February 2010 but it was officially registered with ROC on the 28th of May 2013, and since then the foundation has been serving the environment, mankind, biodiversity and combating climate change through promoting sustainable agricultural and environmental development that safeguard and restore our global environment by several projects & activities under taken. The organisations strength has been Nature based thinking and nature-based solutions to achieve ecological balance.
The organisations strengths centers on Nature-based thinking and nature-based solutions to achieve multiple sustainable developmental goals.
ARDEA Foundation
ARDEA Foundation has active participation on increasing the resilience of the ecosystem by taking on several initiatives towards achieving the goal. Adopting a farming approach, that is inspired by natural ecosystem, combining the knowledge and skills of the farmers and focusing on the interaction between the plants, animals, humans and environment. A holistic response, From water harvesting and management, agricultural optimization through home based solution. , conservation of soil to fighting deforestation has been its major work areas, but the organization did not halt it paved its way with more innovative methods to reach out the farmers in every corner of the country, through its, knowledge and informative television channel Green TV. (Agriculture Knowledge Bank)
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Mission educating the farmers with the modern farming practices, agricultural technology, organising journalists and coordinates to discuss the problems of the farmers, in vernacular and also in local dialect. Providing the platform to understand and make the farmers aware of the world market and the demand and supply chain and gaps.
The organisation also runs a call center which is reachable by the farmers for any form of query.
The Agriculture Knowledge Bank not only covers the traditional farming, but it covers the entire farming sector and allied activities such as, dairy farming, animal husbandry, bee keeping, organic farming, medicinal farming, food processing etc.
The organisation continues to serve the rural & faring community with additional service since the outbreak of pandemic, via Green TV it has been involved in health awareness, through its new initiative “Corona Mukt Gaon” (COVID Free Villages) inviting medical practitioners to educate the rural population about the pandemic (COVID 19).
The organisation has been directly involved in the response and relief phase of various disasters. The Kashmir Flood 2014, Nepal Earthquake 2015 and Assam flood 2016.
11 Days of Earth’s Healing – A Global Ecological Movement
ARDEAF has launched its ecological movement that proposes an 11 days of pause every year, from the 1st of May to the 11th for all nations and its peoples. This collective movement gives the Earth a chance to heal and breathe from our daily pollutants.
We are dedicating the coming 25 years to the crucial need of environmental restoration. The 11 Days movement confronts climate change, advocates for the millions of species who are at the crunch of extinction, and offers nature-based solutions to achieve the sustainable Environmental developmental goals.(Details of the project can be read by clicking the above hyper link)

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