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Our Story: From Vision to Reality

ARDEA Foundation, a leading global organization, is on a mission to safeguard Earth’s crucial ecosystem while promoting sustainable development, ensuring a healthy planet for generations to come.

Initially conceived in February 2010, ARDEA Foundation took its final form by getting officially registered with the ROC on the 28th of May, 2013 — a triumphant moment, a day of victory that indeed paved the way for the successful outcome of a long-held vision of a better world, but only the beginning of a new chapter, filled with endless possibilities of giving back to mother nature and the society while taking on the mantle of preserving the Earth for the future generations.

About ARDEAF Foundation

ARDEA Foundation is the brainchild of Zunaid Memon, a visionary filmmaker and an advertising professional firmly devoted to the idea of establishing a global organization that can work at the ground level to address concerns surrounding agriculture and the environment while uplifting the lives of rural communities.

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with Zunaid Memon is Dr. Sudarshana Ramaraju, co-founder and Global President of Climate Action for the ARDEA Foundation.

He brings his valuable expertise as a distinguished policy and strategy advisor to support founder Zunaid Memon’s mission to restore the environment.

From raising public awareness about the environment to running programs on agriculture and rural development in India and across the globe, we at ARDEA Foundation are committed to the idea of sustainable development and have been actively working towards building a better tomorrow for all.

A small idea can change the whole world — and the establishment of the ARDEA Foundation is the sole manifestation of this conviction.

To increase the resilience of our ecosystems, we at ARDEA Foundation acknowledge and understand the magnitude of our duty and have been taking several key initiatives that are both viable and sustainable.

This Fragile Earth Deserves A Voice. Become Its Champions Of Change.

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Saving the winged friends is our goal! Creating a buzz & educating citizens about bees and birds for a flourishing habitat.



Engineering a sustainable world for all by focusing on conservation and cooperation with nature.



Bringing ecological balance and creating a pathway for harmonious coexistence.



Fostering harmony & balance while preserving the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

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