11 Days For Earth’s Healing – DAY 6: Towering Nails

Day 6: Towering Nails

"Mountains are earth's undecaying monuments." - Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Mountains cover around 25% of Earth’s land area, and as beautiful as they are, these giant monuments are equally crucial in order to maintain the delicate balance on Earth.

Day 6, “Towering Nails,” aims to shine some spotlight on the importance of majestic mountains through our global ecological movement, 11 Days for Earth’s Healing.

‘Towering Nails’ – the majestic mountains that are the backbone of our planet and the source of countless ecosystems.

Popularly known as the “water towers” of the world, mountains remain a crucial source of freshwater that helps sustain numerous natural habitats, contributing towards a thriving biodiversity.

From serving as the source of water, food, and clean energy to at least half of the world’s population to protecting wildlife, mountains offer a variety of benefits to humans along with a range of habitats for countless land and water species.

Importance of mountains

  • ➤ The biggest source of fresh water for rivers and streams
  • ➤ Anchor the soil
  • ➤ Prevent landslides
  • ➤ Regulates Earth’s climate
  • ➤ Home to diverse species of flora and fauna
  • ➤ Provide habitat for countless wildlife species to thrive
  • ➤ Support local communities and cultures
  • ➤ Major tourist attractions supporting the local economy
  • ➤ Serve as ecological corridors
  • ➤ Facilitate wildlife migration

Let’s celebrate and protect the mighty mountains — home to countless species on Earth.

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