11 Days For Earth’s Healing


It’s mission to bring big and positive change for climate change issues.

It’s an Initiative which is brain child of Zunaid Memon and will be executed by ARDEA Foundation in association with Green TV with the help of every citizen of planet earth.

Mission Can Save The World For Future Generation

11 Days for Earth’s Healing: An Ecological Movement That Could Save Us
Over the last few decades, we have mercilessly used up Earth’s resources faster than they can be replenished and released pollutants alongside non-recyclable waste faster than they can be absorbed, setting ourselves up for disaster which has been long due. It would be foolish to think we didn’t call this upon ourselves. The pandemic is, therefore, a sign, a red light to stop exploiting the very planet we inhabit!

We, the citizens of this world now demand significant action and, governments and their institutions have to wake up to this change. If we don’t take action to usher in a global systemic change in the way we operate, the world will go back to unsustainable business as usual rather than emerging with a healthier sense of what is normal. Long-term political decisions have to be made, policies have to be reconsidered, our metrics of success have to be readjusted and some sacrifice has to be made if we want our race to survive and thrive.

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To aid this cause, ARDEA Foundation, India, with their global alliance is here with its ecological movement, “11 Days for Earth’s Healing” is here to change the world, reorient our relationship with it and transform how we live in it.

Each year, beginning 1st May 2021, for 11 days we will refine and re-adjust lifestyle choices to preserve
mother nature by voluntarily ceasing all air, road and sea traffic, halting all commercial fishing activities,
factories and production units, stopping all construction work and putting a pause on any undertaking that creates a negative impact on our environment.

We are hopeful and counting on you to join us in making this global endeavour, a success.

1st Year Of The Mission


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