11 Days For Earth’s Healing

For Mother Earth To Restore, Revive & Thrive!

The Environmental Concern

There is no Planet B

Mother Earth is in dire need of revival, a resurgence necessary for the planet’s critical ecosystems. But unfortunately, climate change, environmental degradation, and human overexploitation are leading to a complete collapse of our ecosystems.

Over the years, humans have mercilessly used all of Earth’s resources much faster than they can be replenished, eventually leading to a long-overdue catastrophic disaster.

The world is in a crisis, and there is no bigger threat to its existence than the environmental crisis we face right now.

We all understand the challenges we face now, but the question remains, how can we save our Earth?

11 Days For Earth's Healing: A Remedy To Ecological Challenges & Sustainability Concerns


ARDEA Foundation’s ecological movement, “11 Days for Earth’s Healing,” is the need of the hour, a necessary answer to the impending environmental disaster — an environmental initiative that the world needs to reorient and transform the human-environment relationship.

The Inspiration Behind “11 Days for Earth’s Healing

Even though the lockdown concept existed before, the world became more familiar with it during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

And nature also welcomed this incredible change. The Earth started regaining its lost health when the world came to a complete shutdown due to Covid-19. With restrictions to human activity, the lockdown gave us a much-needed glimpse into what a cleaner and greener environment could look like.

And in 2020, this transformation triggered the formation of “11 Days for Earth’s Healing” by Zunaid Memon, the founder of the ARDEA Foundation, who began communicating with world leaders.

11 Days For Mother Earth: Join The Movement

Planet is our home

The first-ever edition of this mega ecological movement by the ARDEA Foundation was organized from the 1st to the 11th of May 2021, encouraging individuals to convert one of the weekly holidays of the month into a workday. The accumulated 11 holidays throughout the year can be used during the program between the 1st and 11th of May to spend quality time with families while engaging in eco-friendly activities.

“11 Days for Earth’s Healing” isn’t just about overhauling the system or ceasing all harmful environmental activities for 11 days voluntarily; instead, its mother nature’s remedy, an opportunity for the human race to choose and re-adjust lifestyle choices to leave behind a better world for the next generation.

Time to break the norm, act fast, and act now on climate change!

“11 Days for Earth’s Healing” is an opportunity to protect Mother Earth, harness the power of collaborative action, and start investing in shared prosperity, well-being, and planetary health.

Today’s generation has a huge responsibility to shoulder, a duty to pass on a thriving and prosperous planet to the next generation — a legacy of a sustainable future our children and grandchildren can be proud of.

Climate change is real, and it’s happening, and “11 Days for Earth’s Healing” is a program needed to change how today’s generation views environmental concerns.

Despite being a challenging initiative to implement, enhanced collaboration and orchestrated global action remain the only way forward to save Mother Earth from an irreversible disaster.

“11 Days for Earth’s Healing” is on the path of carbon fasting, where natural life will bloom without the luxury of exploiting fossil fuels.

With the triumphant completion of the third edition of the global ecological movement, “11 Days for Earth’s Healing” program, we invite you to the fourth edition, starting 1st of May 2024.

Let’s save and protect Mother Earth and address the pressing environmental concerns our global ecological movement seeks to safeguard.

11 Days 11 Ways to Save Earth

Take Charge, Do Your Bit Because Building A Better World Starts At Home!

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