Agriculture knowledge Bank

Agriculture bank

Agriculture knowledge Bank

Agriculture has been an important exercise to sustain the life-support systems of human civilizations since primeval times. Modern agriculture has included several groundbreaking ideas to enhance crop production such as the use of fertilizers to improve plant nutrition and plant protection products against pests in farming. 

Agriculture Knowledge Bank is an Interactive Web Portal which is managed by the government containing information on the multiple crops, created by experts in agriculture and AGRIS database. This is a document management system that contains augmented bibliographically indexed information in the form of documents. Information is often augmented by addition of datasets and statistics and maps related to the user search query. 

Growth of Farmer

Knowledge to farmer

Proper Agriculture

Agriculture Development

Features of Agriculture Knowledge Bank:

  1.  Access to this platform can provide interactive agricultural extension message.
  2.  Intelligent search function and filtering option need less effort to access information.
  3.  Easily updatable through admin module by non- technical expert
  4.  Field level farmers and extension agents can access content through mobile.
  5.  AIS Managed public portal, so anyone can access.

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