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GREEN TV: ARDEA Foundation's Agriculture Knowledge Bank

Empowering farmers with better knowledge & accurate information

India is largely an agrarian economy, with the farming community being the backbone of this vast sector. However, despite the sector’s crucial contribution towards the country’s economic development, its crucial stakeholders, farmers, often remain neglected.

And that’s where our Agriculture Knowledge Bank project becomes critically important.

Through our agriculture arm, Green TV India, we are committed to empowering Indian farmers with better knowledge and accurate information. We aim to uplift their lives by improving their livelihoods and securing the country’s food supply.

Investing in Agriculture: Empowering Farmers Today for a Thriving Tomorrow

Our Agriculture Knowledge Bank project led by Green TV India has over 5,000 hours of digital library content, which is impressive and reinforces our dedication to building a substantial repository of agricultural knowledge.

With the help of scientists and subject-matter experts, the project produces hundreds of videos every month on modern farm practices, relevant government schemes, loans, and insurance policies. This digital library can serve as a valuable tool for farmers to access information, learn from experts, and implement best practices on their farms. Additionally, the project provides robust support to farmers through a call center staffed by experts, helping them become more self-sufficient and profitable.


Key Features of Agriculture Knowledge Bank Initiative

➤ Comprehensive Knowledge Repository

➤ Expert-Driven Video Content

➤ Personalized Support through Call Center


Benefits of Our Agriculture Knowledge Bank Initiative

➤ Enhanced Agricultural Productivity

➤ Income Growth for Farmers

➤ Improved Food Security

➤ Sustainable Agriculture

➤ Empowered Rural Communities

➤ Technological Adoption

➤ Reduction of Farmer Vulnerability

➤ Knowledge Transfer

Your Support Matters: Join Us in Empowering Agriculture

As a beacon of hope, we seek your support to expand the impact of our Agriculture Knowledge Bank project.

We Are Counting Heavily On Your Support!

Your contribution to our initiative can significantly impact the lives of farmers, eventually strengthening the economy and contributing to the development of our country.

With your kind contribution, we aim to produce a more comprehensive range of videos, improve the existing call center services, and facilitate partnerships between contributors and farmers.

The Agriculture Knowledge Bank project can potentially make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of Indian farmers and the agricultural sector.

Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of those who feed our nation.

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