Environmental Awareness

Environment Awareness

Over the last few years, there have been some positive signs that the agriculture sector of OECD countries can meet its environmental challenges. Farmers in many other countries have made improvements in the use and proper administration of nutrients, pesticides, energy and water, using less of these inputs per unit of land. Farmers have adopted more environmentally beneficial practices, such as conservation tillage, improved manure storage, or soil nutrient testing. Both policymakers and conservationists are actively promoting eco friendly and feasible farming practise which guarantee a green environmentally growth of vegetable and plants.

  1.  Permaculture: Permaculture is the food production system which mimics how vegetable and plants grow in natural ecosystems. It applies natural principles which combines the goal to be achieved, smart farming and design to reduce waste of resources and increase production efficiency.
  2.  Aquaponics and Hydroponics: Aquaponics and Hydroponics are innovative farming methods which involve soilless plant and vegetable growth, feeding the plants with nutrients which are carried by water.
  3.  Using Renewable Energy Resources: sustainable farming involves the use of alternative energy sources such as hydropower, solar power or wind farms which are eco-friendly. Solar panels are also being used to run pumping and heating systems.
  4.  Crop Rotation and Polycultures: farmers can decrease the chances of plant and vegetable diseases through crop diversification on a surface of land and through crop rotation techniques.

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