Let’s Heal The Earth (3rd Edition of 11DFEH)

Let’s Heal The Earth (3rd Edition of 11DFEH)
Let’s Heal The Earth (3rd Edition of 11DFEH)
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It’s a mission to bring big and positive change for climate change issues.

The 3rd edition of ‘11 Days For Earth’s Healing’ is all set to begin for 1st May- and last up to 11th May 2023. It’s a global ecological movement where we dedicate 11 days of our life to sustainable and waste-free lifestyle. The term ‘sustainable’ has been around since a long time but it hasn’t been into effect as it’s been lately. People are beginning to understand the fact that they have mercilessly used up earth of its resources and that our planet can only produce a finite number of resources! Be it food, water, minerals, or anything else, earth can only withstand a certain degree of greenhouse gas emissions to stay healthy.

Thus, in a bid to kick start the shift to a sustainable lifestyle, ‘11 Days for Earth’s Healing‘ could be a game changer. In these 11 Days let’s pledge to live a life that does not manipulate our planet and do our bid to at least restore it.

To know more, check out the conversation of Founding Board Member #11DFEH Zunaid Memon with Phil Malone: Access Agriculture

Additionally, when we talk about our role in earth restoration, a large number of opportunities starts blooming ahead of us. There’s absolutely nothing a man couldn’t do to help environment recover from the atrocities it has been forced upon. The first and foremost thing we can do, is to emerge ourselves in green lifestyle. Going green is the best way to reduce carbon emission, reduce plastic waste and improve the air quality. Additionally, repairing, and replanting wetlands, creek beds, forestland, and other habitats restoration can help bigtime in biodiversity conservation.


Planting rain gardens to absorb rainwater running off roofs helps save water for future usage. Plus, monitoring pond and lake habitats is also one way of ensuring no pollution in the area. Schools play a major part in a child’s development thus frequent sessions on Ecosystem Restoration can help young people learn how they are connected to their environment. Education on sustainability can engage children in efforts to recover ecosystems in their nearby areas.

To conclude, people must understand that restored environments may take years to function without human intervention and may never be the same as they used to be. But continuous efforts can make a difference- ONE DAY.

To Join this Cause Register Yourself : https://ardeaf.org/register/

Hindi Introduction of 11 Days For Earth’s Healing

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