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Green TV India is a 24-hour Hindi agricultural television channel owned by Nomad Films Ltd. The channel is aimed predominantly at the rural and semi urban population of India. It was started with a mission to provide information and wholesome entertainment to this segment of the population. Ģreen TV is accessible all over India as part of the ‘Digital India’ movement with smart phones all around, even in rural and semi-urban India.

The shows on the channel include programming on scientific advances in agriculture and animal husbandry, economic and administrative policies and trends in agriculture, market and industry as well as music shows, food shows, alternative career shows and much more.

The programs are packed in a way that it shelters facts and materials from all the sections like: economic and political issues, scientific advances, policies and trends in agriculture, market and industry; as well as bring important information regarding policies and plans of the government which could be a helping hand to the farming community.

There are over 32 shows on the run and each housing different segments. Green TV has seasoned a steady sprouting since launch and is now a substantive channel with over 204,462 subscribers and expanding its reach to 70 percent of the country. Green TV is India’s only production company having experience of producing thousands of hour’s original agriculture content with having own research team, scientist and experts on board to tackle the subject.

History : Conceived in 2010 by Nomad films, Green TV India was India’s 1st channel with 24 hour programming focused on the rural and small town audience when it was launched as a Television and online channel on 15 August 2014. It is Junaid Memon’s contrivance the co-founder of Nomad Films. He has produced 7 feature films and over 350 ad films but never sated with how things stand has always pushed his own limits in the face of challenges. He came up with the idea of Green TV India in 2010, with a mission to empower and uplift the rural section of the country. Junaid spent five years travelling in villages, meeting people and understand their issues and concerns.

Over the years it has expanded its scope to include the vision of ‘Digital India’ as well, being now made available on YouTube and other digital media so as to allow access to the programming through smart phones and other digital devices.

The channel has 30 shows running at any given time, each catering to a particular segment of information, knowledge or entertainment of its audience. These shows are well-researched and documented to avoid any mis-information going out to the viewers. The programming is controlled and directed by Junaid Memon, the owner of Nomad Films and the founder of the channel. As a man from the hinterland of India he understands the rural audience and has succeeded in creating the sort of programming that appeals to the channel’s audience.

Launched with the tagline ‘Mitti Ki Awaaz’ meaning ‘Voice of the Soil’, it has today also become the ‘Voice of the Farmers’, with the programming supporting so many rural initiatives and its reach expanding to over 95% of the country. Now Green TV has positioned as Farmers Knowledge Bank, the only official and authenticated source of information digitally available for the subject. Green TV India has reached even the remotest of villages and midsize towns. The live feed is available on mobile devices.

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