Who We Are

The Agriculture Rural Development & Environmental Awareness Foundation (ARDEAF) are the leading Indian agents in combating climate change through promoting sustainable agricultural and environmental development that safeguard and restore our global environment.

India is at the forefront in producing and exporting agricultural resources to the world. In the last eight years, ARDEAF has been the only dedicated Indian platform that educates farmers with new and updated farming practices, technology, as well as various changes in the world agricultural markets. With the help of our own digital platform, Green TV*, we have reached out to around a 100 million viewers.

Our goal for the next year is ‘ The Global Ecological Movement’* where we expand our knowledge and restorative resources with the global community.

Our mission is to create a global society of partnerships that protect the natural resources that surround us through education and empowerment to live sustainable lives and restore our planet for our future generations.

Our work is broken down into two thematic categories: Agricultural Development in Rural India & our 11 Days to Earth’s Healing World Movement

Our vision is made a reality by partners who fund and champion our mission. And none of our work would be possible without our volunteers.

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