Access Agriculture

Access Agriculture is a non-profit organisation that showcases agricultural training videos in local languages. 

We promote the transition towards organic farming and agroecology across the global South.


To impact on rural livelihoods, please explore Access Agriculture.

Access Agriculture, established in 2012 and registered as an international non-profit organisation (AISBL) in Belgium, is a global service provider that supports South–South learning among farmers and rural businesses by making available its agricultural training videos on agroecology and rural entrepreneurship in international and local languages. Its aim is to improve rural livelihoods and healthy food systems in the Global South based on sound agroecological principles.

By the end of April 2020, the open-access video platform of Access Agriculture hosted over 200 agricultural training videos in more than 80 languages. The videos cover cereals, vegetables, legumes, sustainable land management techniques, integrated pest management, livestock, aquaculture, equipment and business skills, among others.

The videos feature farmers and entrepreneurs and follow a logical step-by-step format, encouraging others to learn and experiment with sustainable agricultural technologies, natural resource management and food processing. The videos combine scientific and local knowledge, and are translated upon demand into any local language. Young entrepreneurs for rural areas from the Global South are exploring business opportunities in making these videos available to farmers.

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